VyStar Credit Union SBA PPP Loan Application Denied

If you have a small business in or around Jacksonville, Florida you have likely done business with VyStar Credit Union. Now that the SBA PPP payroll protection plan has rolled out, many business owners are looking to get financial help from VyStar Credit Union. Unfortunately, we are hearing that these business owners are not able to get their application through with VyStar. The VyStar Loan Relief Page is available here.

We have updated our SBA PPP Loan page for you to get more information as it comes in.

Are you a Jacksonville small business owner that is unable to get approved for an SBA PPP loan from VyStar Credit Union? If so, comment below with your story.

Are there any other Jacksonville, Florida banks that are accepting applications for this payroll protection program?

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I am not able to get approved for the PPP thru Vystar. Was told they are not participating but I could try to get a business loan thru Vystar with a new (not forgiveable) through a Partnership with the City of Jacksonville. All credit rules apply.


At what point are you going to decide to take out the regular business loan? We know time is of the essence so how much longer can you wait for a SBA PPP loan before you apply for another type of loan to make payroll?

I to was denied a PPP Loan through Vystar. Also, don’t live in the Jacksonville area so am denied for the Vystar Program. Vystar told me to go to the SBA directly. Been turned down by 4 banks.

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