Which Banks Still Have SBA PPP Money?

It looks the Treasury is going to go back to Congress and ask for an additional $200 billion.

We are now hearing that banks are going to run out of SBA PPP money quickly. On Sunday, April 5th, 2020 Wells Fargo announced they are no longer taking applications as they have reached their capacity. We have also heard Bank of America is quickly approaching the their loan cap.

As we see more and more banks running out of SBA PPP money, small business owners are going to scour the Internet to find banks and credit unions that are still lending. By mid April, we would imagine that President Trump and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin will have to go back to Congress and ask for more money.

If you are a bank of credit union that is still loaning money through the SBA PPP loan program, please comment below so we can help borrowers get money to make payroll and pay rent/mortgage in April and May 2020.

Banks still lending through SBA PPP:




PNC Bank

TD Bank


Banks no longer lending through SBA PPP:

Wells Fargo


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